Born in Tucson, AZ, in 1948, I grew up watching my father move to the top of the watercolor art world nationally as both a painter and teacher. The traveling, painting, and teaching he enjoyed so much always intrigued me and ultimvately influenced me in a profound way.

After the mandatory schooling (a B.S. in mathematics and a M.B.A.) from the University of Arizona, I rebelled, made a second home in S. Lake Tahoe, and allowed the beauty of nature and my interest in self-expression to come together. From Tahoe I orchestrated as much free time as possible for drawing, painting, studying, and traveling the world.

I studied with my father initially and picked up his enthusiasm for teaching, especially in the area of landscape and on-location painting. This classical and representational background then branched out into many areas of influence garnered from a myriad of other nationally known artists and college classes. For me being a teacher is a natural extension of my self-expression, and I have been blessed to teach privately and for academia. And as most teachers will acknowledge, the students are the real instructors!

Travel has been the catalyst for much of my inspiration, and I have produced artwork from Australia to Bermuda and South America to Russia. In my mid-twenties a 10-month, personal road-trip of camping, photography, and art through Mexico and Central and South America provided an undying curiosity and love for new influences and experiences. Jobs as a casino dealer on cruise ships and a director of continuing education tours to foreign countries just deepened my commitment to diverse cultures, landscapes, and peoples.

My primary medium of choice for finished work has been watercolor, though my love for drawing and mixed media keeps the doors wide open on how and what I will produce. Sketching in any media, but especially black and white, is ultimately my favorite process due to its immediacy, energy, and honesty. Keeping sketchbooks throughout my life and travels has been a great joy and source of inspiration. Even today I get a kick out of and am often amazed by what I did 20 years ago!

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