Professional nature photographer, Steve
Edelstein, came up with a concept for a
S. Lake Tahoe fine art print that would
include vistas of the Sierras based on his
aerial photography. After some search,
Steve honored me with the commission
and we had a great time putting together
what you see here. There are some obvious
exaggerations and differences in scale in the
topography, but all in all the "map" and
aerial view gives one the sense of South
Lake Tahoe and beyond!

I can find my house; and how about
Ski Run Marina, Round Hill, the casinos,
Sorenson's, Azure Lake, or your favorite
run at Heavenly?)

I hope you enjoy your search!

"South Lake Tahoe Panorama"
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original - commissioned watercolor on 140 lb. archival paper
22"H x 30"W
SOLD *private collection*

AVAILABLE as signed, open edition POSTER seen above
17"W x 26"H image only and 22"H x30"W overall

$50 (incl. pack/ship ground/tube) + tax(?)